Wednesday, 30 January 2008

London's Elephants - No.21 in the series

Shot with Olympus E510
What can I have been thinking of? It's been two months without an elephant - I apologise.
So here we have two, in the window of the Indian Tourist Office in Cork Street - which fits in nicely with the location for The Way We See It this week. Just DON'T ask me what thecharacter in the middle is doing.

See where on the London Daily Photo Map

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Flaneurbanite said...

The character in the middle is a Kathakali dancer - a classical dance form from the southern state of Kerala in India. The dancers (usually male) paint their faces with traditional paints, wear a traditional dress and headgear as shown here In fact, the elephants shown here are also dressed in traditional festive gear from Kerala. If you've never been to India, imagine it as culturally and ethnically diverse as all of Europe put together, in a landmass about 25 times of Britain. Hope that helps! :)